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So I’ve been reading about speaking things into existence and I don’t know if it counts here but I kept saying I’d come to Lagos before the end of the year and the chance to arose in the most bizarre way. LOL honestly.

My last time here was on transit and I was too young to really experience it so obviously my visit/ restaurant list since then has gotten quite long. I knew I was only coming for a long weekend and with lagos traffic being the way it is, I had to prioritise and select the few places I could visit with Alára on top of the list of course.


“Alára is much more than just a luxury boutique. Every aspect of Alára connects to a greater message; a celebration of design and art whilst also showcasing African artists and designers. How does it differ from the Browns and Barneys of the world? Alára makes sure to present the work of both established and rising artisans and designers, including those of Nigerian descent” – jto

credit: jto

I love the idea of concept stores and have mentioned in a previous post how much I love when shopping is more of an experience than just an activity. Alara is the mother of concept stores and it comprises of every thing I’m passionate about so of course it was going to be my first stop; I mean, the INCREDIBLE architecture (by David Adjaye), the interior design (which is S T U N N I N G and had the greatest photo spots but unfortunately they don’t allow pictures ), the fashion, art, and the food.

Aside from the lux of it all, one thing I love about Alara is its African-ness, starting with the name which means ‘wondrous performer’ in Yoruba. There’s this celebration of Africa that you feel stepping into the store and taking in the art work by African artists and the mannequins, fabulously dressed in clothes by African designers. And you really can’t get a more African vibe than the Nok Garden. As someone currently on the journey of loving what it means to be absolutely African, I have come to appreciate places and people that simply celebrate us and Alára does that to a T.

credit: livinspaces

Speaking of Nok, I wanna eat there again and again and again.  I went for the Grilled Prawns Wrap with Spicy Pesto which was so good I’m thinking about it again. I wasn’t really hungry at the time so it was perfect for me but after a large glass of ‘Lagos Mule’ (Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger Syrup, Club Soda & Ginger Beer) and many spoonfuls of their DELICIOUS, AMAZING, OOZEY Chocolate Tart with Salted Caramel & Baobab Ice Cream, I was SO full and thankful that the store had many stairs. Looking at the picture of their menu right now and eyeing the Oxtail Melt. 

Also, 75% sure we sat on the table next to some famous lady (I KNOW I know her from somewhere) and I kept trying to remember her name but couldn’t!

Can’t wait to go back!



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