Lux Deco Wishlist (II)

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Hi hi.

Another result of me being up way, way, way too early. It’s become a thing guys and I’m not sure I’m happy with it. I’ve always had a problem sleeping in but it’s so bad now that I rarely go back to sleep after 5am.

So last year, I posted my Lux Deco accessories wish list /here/ and said I’d post a second part because narrowing down my favourite items was so so difficult and never got round to it but here I am now, a few weeks to 2019, keeping my promise! Took a whole year plus but hey, better late than never. It’s been a year of new items so who knows, maybe I’ll have to do a part 3 in 2019. Not a promise, just thinking.

Still on that imaginary home business so again, I’m not gonna limit myself to a number so I apologise in advance if the post gets too long but we’re furnishing a house here ladies. Excuse me.

ALSO, I feel like I have to mention that these are simply items I like so I’m aware of the mismatchiness of it all.





Lux Deco

Lux Deco


Floral Arrangements

Lux DecoLux DecoLux Deco

Coffee/ Side Tables 

Arm Chairs

Lux DecoLux Deco

Lux Deco

Dining Furniture


Lux DecoLux Deco Books

Lux DLux DecoLux DecoLux DecoScreenshot 2018-11-30 at 1.36.03 PMLux Deco



You really don’t realise just how much of an expensive taste you have until you have to compile a wish list. Try it! My head hurts.

[Hit me up via instagram @theinteriorstop or the contact page for business enquiries and we can take it from there].

xo halima

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