Inside Glossier


“It’s as if the Glossier products came to life, and morphed into the furniture, materials, and wall colors—a true celebration of the touch and feel of the brand IRL. Burgundy and red quartz pebble floors, gently curved walls on the stairways, soft pink plaster wall surfaces, gray polished concrete floors, red custom-upholstered built-ins” –




First of all, I LOVE that door handle.

I’ve known about glossier for a while now (with their incredible social media marketing, honestly who doesn’t?) but haven’t actually tried any of their products. I do want the lipgloss (looks bomb in pictures) and serums though if anyone’s willing to ship me samples (hi glossier 👋🏽).

I like their whole pink, glow-y aesthetic so I followed them on my beauty page (here’s the link if you wanna follow >>> ) apparently just in time for their flagship store opening. They shared the pictures on their story and some are screenshots so excuse the quality but I love the vibe so decided to share with you all!

I love when shopping is more of an experience than just an activity, if you get what I mean, and I think the store definitely offers that. Check it out:













xo halima

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