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Beyond excited as I type this (mind you, it’s 6:54am) cause it’s officially day 1 of PFW and Dior’s showing in just a few hours. Now I’m not the biggest fan of Maria Chiuri’s Val- I mean, Dior and I’ll probably be disappointed but I still can’t help always looking forward to the shows but fingers crossed. {Review: Yeah… I don’t know what that was…}

I kind of can’t believe how fast the month’s flown by and it honestly feels like just a few days since Marc Jacobs had me shook and I started contemplating doing this little fashion month series but I’m really happy I decided to (and hope you all are!) and will prob carry on with it.

Before I share my favourites, did you guys see the venue for the Saint Laurent show???? So so cool! I loved the whole walking on water thing and having the Eiffel Tower as the (perfect) back drop made the show a million times more stunning.

so my faves;

Saint Laurent

Dries van Noten



Esteban Cortazar



so that was fun but back to interiors!

bisous 💋

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