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Finally. Milan Fashion Week’s here (well it’s day 1 today & by the time I post this, it’ll be over šŸ¤”) meaning fashion month just got 284638x more exciting. I feel like my excitement level’s at 70ish% during NYFW and LFW just cause it’s fashion month and that feeling of looking through new collections & watching the shows is still there but it elevates to 90% on day 1 of MFW and then to 100% by PFW if you get what I mean (sorry it’s 6am).


I said I was only gonna post pictures in my first fw post but can I just talk about Max Mara for a second? Not even kidding, I teared up a little. I’ve always been a fan and this ss19 collection was everything and more. Bold, sophisticated and just overall excellent. Woo.

The biggest NO for me though the entire week was the biker shorts @ Fendi. Now if you follow me on twitter, then you’ve prooobably seen me express just how much I hate biker shorts (I blame Kim & Kanye for this tbh) and how they’re the absolute worst trend. So imagine my surprise watching the Fendi show and then boom, biker shorts. Yeah so that but I did love the collection otherwise.

Alright, alright, my faves;

No. 21

Max Mara

Giorgio Armani


Ermanno Scervino


Elisabetta Franchi

Some more collections that were not necessarily my faves but I did like a few pieces:


Alberto Zambelli

Dolce & Gabbana

One show that stood out to me was Stella Jean. Not even cause of the looks particularly but more about the inspiration/ story behind the collection/ brand. I read up on the designer, who is Haitian-ItalianĀ and found that she often works with Haitian and African artisans and incorporates their work into her designs (e.g she collaborated with artisans from Benin for the collection) which I think is really awesome. Read more about the collection /here/.

I do have to say that I was quite underwhelmed (again) so fingers crossed that pfw delivers.

Check out my posts on NYFW (here) and LFW (here) & for full collections, click (here)!


xo halima

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