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It’s currently fashion month and I usually do this on twitter but this season, you guys get a blog post! I don’t want this to be super long so I’m gonna list out my favourite collections/ shows with some pictures and post a link for anyone interested in checking out the full collections.


If I had to choose which fashion week to attend, I’d definitely be torn between NYFW because the littest (new word?) fashion parties seem to happen there and I mean, it’s New York, hello or PFW because majority of my favourite houses show there. But obviously, I’ll take whatever I can get! Even LFW.

I thought about doing a general round up at the end of the month but I think we’ve already established that I’m a bit indecisive when it comes to choosing favourites so I’ve decided to break it down. Honestly though, nyfw this season was kind of underwhelming and it wasn’t difficult to pick out my favourite collections (red flag!!!!!)

Marc Jacobs 



Christian Siriano

Brandon Maxwell

Tom Ford

Pyer Moss

Carolina Herrera

For full collections, click \\here\\.

Special shout out to my good Nigerian sis Amaka Osakwe, ‘Maki Oh’. I read vogue’s coverage on the collection // here// and apparently, she was inspired by bukkas in Lagos which I thought was quite bizarre but also inspiring in the way that such a seemingly normal thing can play a huge role in the concept & design of a whole collection. Sounds cliché but it really is possible to get inspiration from the smallest of things. 

“She drew inspiration from hand packaged street food for the knotting and wrapping techniques that cinched traditional kaftans in the most flattering places”

Another shout out to Oscar de la Renta. The collection overall wasn’t one of my favourites but I did love some pieces.


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