Mandy Moore x Arch Digest

I watch a lot of house tours on youtube and instead of having to keep liking them just for reference/ inspiration purposes, I thought I might as well share them on here for you all see and also for my sake cause lbr, who ever remembers to go through their youtube likes?

So the first one I’ll be sharing is Mandy’s Moore home, featured on Open Door, which is a video series by Arch Digest that provides exclusive tours of celebrity homes. If you’re into interiors and all, then definitely check it out on youtube!

“In this episode of Open Door, “This is Us” actress and musician Mandy Moore takes Architectural Digest on a tour of the $2.6 million mid-century home she purchased with fiance Taylor Goldsmith in Pasadena. After buying the property, Moore worked with Sarah Sherman Samuel to renovate the four-bedroom house designed by architect Harold Zook. The property features 1.45 acres of land, 360-degree views, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a breakfast nook, a spa, and a pool.”


xo halima

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