Coffee-Table Books


“If there’s one area of your living room that should never be overlooked, it’s the all-important coffee table. What it doesn’t have in size, it makes up for in stature. This humble piece of décor is key to setting the tone of your living room’s entire design; in fact, for most, it is the focal point the interior is built around. Since it’s the center of attention, it deserves a stylish surface. Enter the fashionable coffee table book. These trendy tomes are as chic as they are clever; their beautiful covers are filled with creativity and industry insight for the fashion obsessed.” 

Using coffee table books as decor is one my favourite things cause you really cannot go wrong with them. I started collecting them a few years back and I’m quite happy with my collection but you know, you can never have enough so I have a lot more on my wish list (birthday present hint?). jk jk.



I feel they say SO much about a person and what they like i.e their interests even more than most decor items do which is why I love them so much. For example; going into a person’s living room and seeing fashion related books, interiors related books or books about planes or historical figures automatically tells you that ok, this is what this person likes. And they also look so good which is added bonus.

Quick tip: When styling a table, stick to odd numbers because they always look better in design.








xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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