Cape Coast Castle

I had been contemplating for a while as to whether I wanted this to be a solely interior design/ decor blog or if I should incorporate other things so I don’t just write about interiors and kept going back & forth with the decision. I was a bit put off mostly because of the name and not wanting to change it but you know what, to hell with it! It’s 2018 and we’re doing whatever (reasonably sensible of course) we feel like! *fist pump*

So hello! this is my first official non interiors post of the year woo hoo. After making this big (not really) decision, the next was so what do I start with, and I was in Accra at the time so I thought what better than to share my fun experience.

Now if you really know me, you know how much I love travelling. I don’t mean to be cliché but it really is one of my favourite things ever. I live for the anticipation, the planning, hotel living, exploring, shopping, the entire experience (yes even the packing)! So I hope to blog more about places find myself in as well as other things.

Accra Mall

The highlight of my short trip was definitely exploring the Kakum National Park and experiencing my first canopy walk which again, if you know me, was a HUGE deal. like very huge. There’s no way I would’ve done it had I been in the correct mindset (let’s be honest) but I’m so glad I did!

I was sooo ready to take the shorter route and walk 3 bridges but I got peer pressured (side eye) into taking the longer route with 7 bridges which I obviously regretted after the 2nd bridge. I couldn’t go back so I had to suck it up but by the 5th one (and after a lot prayers), I was having a good time and clutching on to the ropes less tightly.

Of course after that whole dilemma, we got lost in the damn forest for a little bit and weren’t sure if we were going the right way but being us, we kept walking instead of going back completing ignoring that we told we *could* into animals in the forest.

Kakum National Park

Following that, we drove down to Cape Coast Castle, one of Ghana’s slave castles, which was such a heart breaking experience. We got to tour the compound, hear stories of how the slaves were treated and see the living conditions they were forced to endure. It was honestly horrifying but also eye opening in that you hear the stories, read the books, watch the movie depictions but seeing the signs and places that it actually happened with your own eyes is a different experience altogether. If you ever find yourself in Ghana, definitely add it (plus the other castles) to your itinerary!

Of course we did a lot more but this would be a looooong post if I were to write about it all so enjoy this slideshow of some pictures I took!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

xo halima


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