So I read a blog post about new year’s resolutions vs intentions that made SO much sense to me and thought I’d share a few quotes with you guys:

“Maybe there’s something overtly binary about choosing “to do, or not to do something. The strict definition of “resolution” excludes contemplation, gradual progress, and all the other characteristics that make up the innate human flaws we face day to day.”

“There’s something about the word “intention” that seems much more fitting in facing the New Year. It’s a word loaded with potential, possibility, and attainability. Instead of overwhelming my hopes for 2018 with enormous statements that are daunting to tackle head on, I will set myself smaller, more tangible goals that can be confronted on a weekly or even daily basis. I truly believe that colossal, life-changing goals can be achieved from a combination of smaller actions.”

Just a little something to think about! Every year, I make a mental list of my new year resolutions (I never write them down for some reason) and always forget about them by the time February rolls. However, by thinking of them as things you intend to work towards achieving as opposed to things you HAVE to achieve, there’s automatically less pressure because you’re aiming for something and throwing time constraint that comes with wanting to achieve whatever it is within the year out the door. Some might think it means the same thing but I honestly do think there’s a difference.

I realised that I hadn’t posted anything since the year began and decided an “intentions” post would be a good way to start off my second year blogging! Check out my aims for this year and beyond:

  • Take short online courses
  • Learn french
  • Attend pottery & painting classes
  • Start a business
  • Get better at lawn tennis & badminton
  • Do more
  • Appreciate & capture moments more often

xo halima

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