Anthropologie Wishlist

Guys I’m S H O O K. So I was on looking at websites offering black Friday deals some weeks back and randomly clicked on for the first time ever.

Now I want my own apartment that I can decorate with everything from anthropologie (ok maybe 75%). Like honestly I had to stop browsing the site and start up a new post on here because my mental wishlisht was getting too long. So here’s my official wishlist for furnishing a one bedroom apartment.

I decided to try something a little different and set a kind of blog challenge for myself. So basically, I’m pretty much decorating an entire space strictly sticking to one website. Keep in mind that I have to stick to anthropologie so some of these would not be my first choice if i were decorating my apartment in real life.

PS – Ignore the background in the pictures and imagine white walls and huge rooms. You’ll notice a lot of white + gold accents which happens to be my favourite combination so heads up.








Living Room


Dining Room

Villier Chandelier

Felicity Rug


Polished Watering Can          Spenser Stool

HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR! Can you believe this blog is a year old???? like wtf right??? I feel like we say this every year but this year literally flew by so damn fast. I can’t believe it’s over in just a few hours but honestly good riddance. Wishing you all a fruitful 2018! 🥂


xo halima

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