From Fashion to Interiors: Bottega Veneta

“The Bottega Veneta home collection is dedicated to those who are drawn to understated, luxurious furnishings crafted with the finest materials in the heart of Milan, I wanted to create an intimate, discreet destination for clients to be able to immerse themselves in the Italian art de vivre of Bottega Veneta.” – Tomas Maier, designer of Bottega Veneta.

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I feel like not many people know about this or maybe many do but just don’t talk about it? I don’t know but yes, Bottega Veneta has a home collection ranging from accessories such as throw pillows, frames etc to furniture. It was honestly shocking finding out about it myself cause I had absolutely no idea.


What is even more shocking (or maybe not) is how much I love the pieces considering I barely pay attention to the brand which I’m quite embarrassed about btw looking through their past collections now- i LOVE the resort ss18 collection.

So if you ever find yourself in Milan and want to check out their home store, it’s located in the 18th-century Palazzo Gallarati Scotti.


St Regis Rome

“In designing the one-of-a-kind Bottega Veneta suite and rooms “Veneta” and “Canova”, the character of the hotel was respected and the light of Rome was acknowledged through Bottega Veneta colors, material and furniture.”


Just wanted to point out that I’m obsessed with every single thing in this room. One of the most incredible things for me about doing up interiors is how everything little thing matters and how they all come together to tie up a space. For example, I feel like if the plants were taken out, something would feel missing. Probably the taurus in me talking.


Side note: The first thing I thought of after seeing this picture was the artwork sliding off the ledge and falling on whoever is sleeping on the bed’s face. Not weird at all.


Park Hyatt Chicago

“In keeping with the clean lines and modern furniture of Park Hyatt Chicago, the Bottega Veneta suite has a sleek, elegantly minimalist design that perfectly frames the incredible views of Chicago’s lakefront through its bay windows. The palette reflects the urban edge of the city as well, combining pergamena, ash, and uniform with graphic accents in ebano, carbone and nero.”

This particular project has made me appreciate minimalism in interior decor/ design so much more. I love the use of neutral colours as it does give the room a modern, sleek look.


St Regis Florence

“The spacious Bottega Veneta suite instantly envelops guests with its gentle palette – a range of muted neutrals and soft, earthy colors. Designed entirely by Bottega Veneta, the interiors furniture, fabrics and accessories draw from the brand’s collections, while wall colors, paintings, mirrors, and even books were chosen to reflect the identity of both city and brand.”



There’s something so unique about the wooden chair that I’m obsessed with. It kind of stands out in that compared to the type of furniture they offer, you wouldn’t expect to see it as part of their collection.


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I love that most of the accessories have the brand’s signature weaved pattern. It’s genius cause it gives them a distinct look that their target audience (which are probably people that do wear Bottega Veneta) can easily recognise if you get what I mean?

xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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