#theSTRINGONE: Mr Omotoyosi Ogunlende

FullSizeRender 2

So I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline (@theinteriorstop) on a random afternoon some weeks back and came across a post about Omotoyosi Ogunlende’s work. I was really impressed so of course I went to his page and obviously had to follow.

He’s a Lagos based Sculptor & Mural/ Graffitti artist with INCREDIBLE talent. I didn’t really know much about string artistry (okay let’s be real, I had never heard of it) before coming across his page but it’s definitely something I find amazing and want to work with. I’m already thinking a whole wall dedicated to a huge, huge string art display of different colours, designs/ patterns etc- I can’t imagine how long that will take 💭💭💭. But honestly stop reading this right now and head on to his page.

or you can check out pictures of some of his pieces in the slideshow below:

I’m always for discovering & promoting talent within Nigeria so I think I’m gonna start a category specifically to promote and share the works of unique Nigerian artists etc.

halima xo

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