Kodama Zomes

According to Elle Magazine, everyone needs a Kodama Zome this summer and I 100% agree. As an avid reader and chilling enthusiast, I’m always here for loungers that can make reading or just hanging out a lot more fun and comfortable so of course I had to hop on the bandwagon and add this to my ever growing wish list for my future house. I mean, check out the picture below; I feel calm just looking at it and it makes me want to book a trip to some quiet beach town and spend every waking hour on the beach.

Also, it really wouldn’t be a bad spot for spending hours on end lounging around to an incredible view & writing blog posts so that’s another plus- getting carried away but you get the picture.


Kodama Zomes are a combination of art and design, but prioritizes comfort first and foremost. Unlike a hammock or swing, these zomes hang from a single overhead point, which means they rock and sway smoothly.” 


They kind of remind of the huge round rafts you go on in water parks but instead, these come with a mattress and cushions and you hang them up and swing rather than using them to slide down water slides.

The zomes also come with a bunch of accessories such as a tripod stand, mosquito net, sun shade etc. to make the experience even better.

xo halima

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