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Wallpapers are nice but hand painted wallpapers? Even better. I randomly came across Fromental Design’s website and absolutely (new game: pinch yourself every time you see the words absolute/ absolutely on this blog) fell in love with everything I saw on it so as per usual, automatic post. Wallpapers are a perfect way to add character to a room and you really can hardly (HARDLY cause trust me, I’ve seen some appalling examples) ever go wrong with them. Look at the pictures in the slideshow above and imagine some of them with plain walls. Eh.

Side story: My mom (who is like 80% the reason behind my loving interior design/ decor)  has always been an all white walls person except the time she had my sister and I’s room painted pale pink while we were growing up (yeah it’s white again) and just last week, she was talking about about how much she loves wallpaper panels. Ok off point but the timing’s funny.

Anyway, back to Fromental Design.


“Combining the finest skills together with luxurious fabrics, our distinctly British style blends historic classicism with the cutting-edge cool of London’s fashion scene to create contemporary, timeless interiors.”

Check out pictures of Fromental’s designs below and on their website:



Their elaborate hand- painted & embroided designs have won several industry awards and led to the firm working alongside interior designers with their wall coverings adorning many prestigious properties across the globe as can be seen in the slideshow.




The designs are so gorgeous. Just looking at the pictures has ideas popping into my head of ways I can incorporate these coverings into a room / decorate spaces around them and the whole works of it. One thing I love about these wallpapers being hand made is how possible it is to have a completely unique design and also how changes can be made to designs to a client’s taste.








PS: This is my 20th post. How crazy!

Feel free to DM me what you’d like to see on here. I’m 100% open to suggestions & constructive criticism.

xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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