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Ok I literally feel like I freak out over any beautiful interior I come across and I get so happy and giddy and excited and then I feel like I have to share it with you guys. Cause you know, can’t enjoy it alone.

But anyway, this post is about the “most colourful luxury hotel” in the world according to this article, The Reverie Saigon (I don’t know why the lana del rey song where she says “queen of saigon” just popped into my head), located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Now I don’t know if it really is the world’s most colourful luxury hotel but 🤷🏽‍♀️. Maybe top 5?

If I’m being honest, as much as it is my dream to travel the world, Vietnam has never been at the top of my countries to visit list but seeing this hotel makes me want to see what else the country has to offer.


“Eschewing the conventional for the extraordinary, understatement for overstatement, and the indigenous for the Italian, The Reverie Saigon proudly showcases works by some of the greatest minds in traditional and contemporary Italian design and craftsmanship.”


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There’s something so lovely about this lobby. You’d think throwing in a huge baroque sofa in the same room as a marble tiled arch with floor to ceiling art work wouldn’t work but it does. And then you look to the right and there’s a monumental standing clock resembling something from the 1800s? It’s genius how it all fits together.

The Reverie

The article mentions how the hotel decor is an eclectic mix of tastes and colour that shouldn’t work but somehow come together to create its beautiful interior and I totally agree. I absolutely love the play on contrast. The idea of a hotel being so colourful that it gets the title of the world’s most colourful luxury hotel might be repelling to some but hey, it’s a 5 star hotel meaning there’s at least a 90% guarantee that it’s not ugly (for lack of a better word).


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The hotel has been referred to as a “design aficionado’s dream” and I mean, the pictures speak for themselves. With 286 guest rooms and 89 serviced apartments, there is an array of interiors to suit the various lifestyles & tastes of guests.

“From classic and opulent to sleek and modern, from whimsically romantic to fanciful and sophisticated, the rich design details throughout deliver an ultra-luxurious aesthetic.”


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These bathrooms showcase the art of mosaic at its best. No lie, I feel like this hotel boasts the finest work of mosaic I’ve ever come across.


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“I can’t think of any other property anywhere in the world that has brought together so many of Italy’s leading furnishings design brands… except, perhaps, a museum.”

 The guest rooms pay homage to the Italian passion for exquisite decor, artistry and craftsmanship featuring furnishings by Italian brands such Giogetti, Baldi, Cassina, Le Porcellane, Medea, Vissionaire, etc.


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Who else feels like they need a spa day/ weekend/ week just looking at these pictures? I’ve been exhausted all week and could use a good massage and facial.

So after seeing the pictures and everything, I’ve come to the conclusion that the hotel sure is colourful but as far as the title goes, it doesn’t make the list in my opinion. I was expecting loud, bright colours in every room, flamboyance, you get what I mean. But then again, it says most colourful LUXURY hotel? luxury being the key word. I kind of get where the author is coming from.

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