Kate & Andy Spade’s Art Collection

So I came across this article coveteur did on Kate Spade & her husband’s art collection in their New York home a while ago and absolutely loved it. Kate Spade stores are so pretty and have the coolest decor (and accessories) so it’s only expected that her home is just as cool. Ok maybe not really considering she has nothing to do with the company anymore except you know, share a name but you get what I mean.



“They’ll mix in flea market finds and furniture they scored as a street-side steal with prestigious international collectibles, and somehow, it all makes perfect sense.”


“I’ve collected early drawings and paintings—I really like unfinished paintings, portraits, and things like that. I never liked kitsch—that was never my thing—but I would like things that are beautifully done that were not finished, like a canvas with a lot of white space.”



“Another favorite is this Alice Neel piece that I have. My wife and I both love Alice Neel, it’s her favorite piece in the house. It kind of looks like it’s unfinished, and one of the dealers said, ‘Well, it’s not the perfect one,’ and I said, ‘That’s okay’ [laughs]. It’s a very beautiful one.”

“I would [buy art] by my personal taste. It doesn’t always make for good investments, but it always makes for a happy collection.”



“Bookstores are a wealth of information because in two hours, rather than walk through four floors at the MoMA, you can go through 30 books and discover someone you really like.”

I 100% resonate with this because while I love art and going to museums, I’ve always been a big reader and will any day (alright 65-70% of the time) choose going to a book store over a museum. They were probably talking about art bookstores though which I can’t say I have ever been to. But in that case, I’d rather visit a museum.



“My goal wasn’t to have a really important art collection, my goal was to have a collection of things that I liked.”



“We have some Prouve furniture, there are Chinese pieces in here, there are some Tibetan pieces, some French pieces, some English pieces, and we just kind of worked with our friend Steven [Sclaroff] on what looked good together. When every piece is something you like, it somehow works out, you know.”


xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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