The Grand Dame of Marrakech: Hôtel La Mamounia

“Inspired by the Arab-Moorish tradition that infuses so much of Morocco’s heritage, the architecture and décor of the deluxe hotel La Mamounia is that of the opulence of times gone by blended seamlessly with the comfort and style of modern luxury.”


I feel like visiting Morocco is on every travel enthusiast’s list and it’s been on mine for the longest time. Remember the Cathy Hopkins book series we were all obsessed with as teens? Truth Dare, Kiss or Promise? no? Okay well, in one of the books (Book 6 ‘Midsummer Meltdown‘, to be exact), the gang flew to Morocco and reading about all their experience got me wanting to hop on the first plane there. And there’s also the shopping. THE SHOPPING.

I often see myself exploring the souks in Marrakech, you know, feeling like I’m in Sex and the City 2, shopping and of course buying a pair of pretty Babouche slippers à la Carrie Bradshaw.

La Mamounia has been referred to as the “Dorchester of North Africa” and the “grand dame of Marrakech” with its unique blend of style and tradition and has hosted royalty, celebrities and politicians since its opening in the 1920s. Franklin D. Roosevelt described it as the “loveliest palace on earth”.


“Renowned as a place of glamour and haute couture, the leisure luxury hotel La Mamounia embodies the sensory splendours of exotic Marrakech with great discretion and grace, enduring as a beacon of Moroccan luxury and refinement.” (Ok really, who’s down to spend a week here with me? because woo)

The décor such as the Almoravid horseshoe arches, Almohad stucco, Merenid tile work and carved Saadian corbels were inspired by the great dynasties that ruled the country taking the hotel back to its Arabic roots. I’m very big on embracing traditions and roots hence why Moroccan decor and architecture is one of my favourites. I love the reflection of pure Moroccan style, complete with intricate designs and arabesques based on Berber and Arab- Andalusian traditions (thanks, google) all over the hotel.



There’s an explosion of deep, rich colours ranging from reds, browns, yellows to blacks within the hotel that makes the interior a bit dramatic. Now if you know me, you know how much I appreciate a good pop of colour. I love how the combination of vibrant colours, mosaic, woodwork, marble and stained glass is tastefully executed without it all seeming too much.

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If you’re as obsessed with the furnishing as I am, check out the company that furnished the rooms, suites and some other parts of the hotel, Interna Furniture Ltd and the collection, Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia, a collaboration between Interna and Jacques Garcia, the French architect and designer who oversaw the renovation. You’re welcome!





PS: If you ever find yourself in Marrakech and are interested in pop culture and celebrities, La Mamounia is the place to go for celeb sightings especially during the holidays. Or you know, a fun lunch out with friends or a quick trip to the spa.

PSS: How crazy is it that it’s been a month since my first post? wow

xo halima






Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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