from fashion to interiors: Fendi Casa

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Fendi is one brand that leaves me in awe of its collections every season and Fendi Casa is no different. I was at the Harrods furniture & home accessories department last summer (which by the way, two words: ‘furniture heaven’) and I absolutely fell in love with every single piece at the Fendi showroom.

Obviously my imagination goes wild from time to time (you know, being me) and I imagine myself doing up a Manhattan penthouse in everything Fendi. That would be a dream come true!

Living Rooms


Kitchens/ Dining Rooms

Since its inception, Fendi Casa has collaborated on exclusive interior design projects ranging from villas and apartments around the world to private jets and yachts that prove the brand’s philosophy on innovation, artisanship and luxury. I love that the furniture and accessories are designed in a way that embodies what the brand stands for making it easy for them to stand out and become easily identifiable.

Authentic contemporary style, Fendi Casa mostly sticks to tone-on-tone colour palettes relying heavily on classic neutral colours; Cream, gold, brown, taupe and white with touches of colour found in the wall design/ paint, rugs, art work etc.

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There’s a sort of glamour and sophistication associated with the brand that makes me appreciate contemporary furniture even more. Usually, I prefer a mix of classic and modern style, but looking at Fendi’s portfolio, I notice there’s a certain elegance to contemporary decor as opposed to my previous thoughts on it being less cosy and somewhat impersonal. I love the contrasts and juxtapositions of colours and materials that are standard to Fendi Casa decor.


I feel like this chair deserves an honourable mention because LOOK AT IT. I love the design & shape. I love the fabrics. I love the integration of leather and suede without seeming tacky. Honest 10/10.

xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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