Featuring: Katharine Pooley

I spend a lot of my time researching renowned interior designers/ decorators, looking at their portfolios etc. and it inspired me to start a category featuring different designers from around the world.

This post is about Katharine Pooley (as the title says), an award winning British interior designer. I have a long list of favourite designers so I can’t really say who my absolute favourite is but Katharine is high up on the list. She has a very luxurious and refined style which is reflected in her work and is what I hope to exude in my own work in the future.

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“She believes that the flow of a space comes above all and that no area of a room should be left untouched. This incredible ability means that her creations can only be described as well-composed symphonies of colours, materials and forms, absolutely striking as well as classic in look.”

West Bay, Doha

Mayfair Townhouse

Katharine’s work tends to be a combination of mostly neutral tones with a touch of stronger accents making whichever space she’s working on look chic and elegant, showcasing her good taste and great eye for details.

Grosvenor Square

Shaoxing, China



There’s a sort of far eastern influence on her work that comes from living and working in various countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. I’ve always believed that travelling and experiencing different cultures has a positive influence on people as it makes it easier to distinguish yourself especially in a field that requires creativity. She has an enviable talent of using her diverse cultural knowledge to her advantage and this has played a role in her landing projects around the world.

Aside from being a designer, she also has luxury design and lifestyle boutiques in London and Doha offering individually sourced and hand crafted products.


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xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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