Inside McQueen’s Mayfair home

As an avid fashion lover, Alexander McQueen is one of the designers I will always love and admire for his creativity, flamboyance and ingenuity. If you’ve ever watched a McQueen show, then you’ll understand exactly what I mean. For those that haven’t, I added a few pictures of some of his most prominent work/ fashion moments so you can have an idea.

“The designer set himself apart with his collision of influences that ranged from low-art to the avant-garde, as well as the characteristic juxtaposition of light and dark that permeated his work and put him on the map” – Dazed Magazine

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The house was refurbished after his death by design house, Paul Davies London as a homage to him with references to him/his work showcasing photographs of his avant-garde designs and personal pictures at every turn within the house.

In the pictures below of the art deco inspired living room, I absolutely love the different elements used to tie everything together;  the large mirror surrounding the plasma, the chandelier, the shelves, the frames on the wall down to the silk cream throw pillows and fur blankets on the sofas. I’d probably never think to use two of the same coffee tables as done here but it works so well.




The colour palette (black, white and neutral tones) and the somewhat simplicty & normalcy of the decor can be viewed as a contrast to his work/ designs as a fashion designer which were anything but simple. I also love the polarity of the black American walnut wood flooring against the light coloured curtains, rugs and furniture.

Of course it’s is no homage to McQueen without something to symbolise his legacy as the “ultimate fashion showman”. The house includes a “fashion catwalk”, leading to the bedrooms, and is lined with black and white framed photographs of his most famous shows.

Carrying on with the same colour palette, the stylish bedroom suites complete with walk in dressing rooms are all neutral tones, black and white with a dramatic spiral staircase leading down to the suites McQueen style.

The bathroom as seen in the slideshow below is lined with rare Calacatta marble and consists of a free standing bathtub which I love / need thanks to that one picture of a New York penthouse bathroom overlooking the Manhattan skyline (you know what I’m talking about). Honestly I’d sell a kidney to have the entire bedroom suite, dressing room and bathroom included, replicated for me because hello?

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The house also includes a rooftop terrace for entertainment purposes with views over Mayfair, an expansive kitchen & dining area with patio doors that open on to a terrace.

xo halima

Disclaimer: Images posted are not mine unless stated otherwise.

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